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About Palmerston


Palmerston Projects is a management consulting company primarily servicing companies undergoing significant change. This includes companies looking to commercialise technology and grow rapidly, those seeking to undertake significant transactions and family businesses involved with succession.

Founded in April 2000 and now operating in both South Australia and Queensland, Palmerston's clients include companies at all levels of maturity, from individuals with an idea to large, mature companies with turnovers greater than $150 million. Typically these clients face a dynamic and wide range of opportunities and situations and rely upon Palmerston to ensure that such opportunities and situations are properly analysed, well planned for and those plans successfully implemented.

Palmerston's success in meeting and surpassing the expectations of its clients is attributable to a highly talented, driven and experienced team of people and a strong network of investors and co-advisors.


Palmerston believes its client relationships should be long term and based on providing complementary skills and resources in a manner that minimises and manages any conflicts of interest that may arise between it, its clients and their stakeholders.

With its technology commercialisation work, Palmerston will often start with an active role in management and finish with a seat on the board of the company once it has become self-sustaining, Palmerston structures these client relationships so that over time it, the client and investors all share similar risks and look to enjoy the benefits of success together, essentially all 'riding the same wave'. Accordingly, where appropriate, these client relationships are often characterised by an equity stake in a client's business rather than using success or transaction fees as a means of compensation.

For all its work, Palmerston recognises that the internal skills and human resource needs of its clients can vary significantly, both between clients and over time with the same client. Hence, Palmerston's role is to help fill the corporate skills gap that its clients require from time to time to deal with the issues it is facing. Its approach therefore is to design and fit its consulting work to meet the specific needs of each client, rather than deliver up modularised or standard services that may not overcome their technical and resource needs.

These resources include not only providing its own skilled and enthusiastic people but also accessing for its clients specialist providers such as financiers, legal firms and patent attorneys that may otherwise be inaccessible to them.

This mix of working closely with its clients, in an environment of trust and mutual support, providing skills that may be otherwise unavailable to them in a cost and cash efficient basis, makes Palmerston unique in Australia's management consulting world. Palmerston's record of producing the results sought by its clients is strong, sticking with its partners on transactions and business development assignments often over a period of years to help ensure mutual rewards are delivered.

The emphasis on these long term relationships underpins Palmerston's approach to all its work.

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