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Microbric is an electronic set based upon the construction style / concept of both Lego and Meccano and targeted at developing and existing electronics enthusiasts. Microbric allows users to rapidly build complex, customised electronic devices with little or no prior electronics knowledge. The system is completely solderless, requiring nothing more than a screwdriver to assemble, saving users time, effort and money and permitting them to more quickly and expansively enjoy the development, use and further applications of the devices they wish to build.

Over the course of calendar year 2005, Palmerston has worked hand in glove with Microbric's founder, Brenton O'Brien, in developing the commercial aspects of the company. This has included the arrangements with both News Ltd for the iBot promotion and Dick Smith Electronics for the distribution of the Viper robot. Palmerston has also guided the company through three separate fundraisings including the launch round of $1 million (approximately).

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