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Capital Raising

Palmerston raises funds on behalf of its clients primarily through equity and often makes use of Government grants and matching funds schemes. Over the past six years, Palmerston has helped its clients raise nearly $30 million.


Palmerston has a strong network of private investors. These investors are based around Australia and invest all forms of capital, including:
  • Seed
  • Angel
  • Venture
  • Institutional
  • Loans
Having access to those who may be interested in investing in projects and ventures is often one of a developing company's most significant problems. Being tied to just one also often leads to unsatisfactory outcomes. Palmerston's network plus its detailed understanding of what these types of investors are after, what questions they need answered and what conditions they will pose means it provides a unique service that helps maximises a clients ability to raise funds at all stages of development in a timely and cost effective manner, without destroying the spirit of the entrepreneurs and their companies involved.


Palmerston also has a strong knowledge of Government funding schemes and a close relationship with the organisations and individuals that administer these schemes. Palmerston clients have obtained funds from many different government funding schemes, including
  • Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET)
  • R&D Start Grant / Commercial Ready
  • Biotechnology Innovation Fund (BIF)
  • Building on IT Strengths (BITS)
  • Pooled Development Fund (PDF)
Palmerston has helped raise over $4 million from these initiatives for its clients.
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