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Family Business Advisory & Succession Planning

Palmerston Projects advises a number of family owned businesses on succession-related and other family-related business issues as well as providing business analysis and advice regarding strategy

Family-owned businesses are different, frequently and inevitably encountering issues not much experienced or understood by other organisations or business people. In particular, succession, planning of ownership, management and control is unique to family-owned businesses and often issues relating to succession require great experience, knowledge and understanding to work through. The principal of Palmerston, Peter Maddern, has been consulting in this area for more than a dozen years in both the US and Australia, working for some of the largest and oldest family companies in their region.

Palmerston currently advises a number of prominent Australian family businesses and has done so for a number of years. Palmerston provides family business advice in many areas, including:

  • Succession planning
  • Financial Performance
  • Strategic Direction
  • Corporate Governance
Succession is the number one issue facing all family businesses, requiring planning and fore thought, often over decades, in advance of ownership, management, and control actually changing hands. Dealing with the issues in family business requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Neither the legal, accountancy, nor psychology professions alone can resolve the pressing matters that weigh down upon family business owners. Yet, it is true that each is likely to help play a role in the eventual resolution of these issues.
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