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Technology Commercialisation

Palmerston Projects is the main South Australian operator and a major Australian player in the provision of consulting services for the development of start-up ventures into robust, successful enterprises through the commercialisation of proprietary intellectual property, science or other forms of technology.

Palmerston provides the full gamut of corporate (non scientific) management resources and skills to complement skills already available within a client. This includes a rigorous approach to strategic planning and market positioning, comprehensive market research along the entire pathway to paying customers and a detailed knowledge of the issues that will matter most to prospective financiers and investors. Drawing on experiences in developing companies all the way from idea to ASX listing, Palmerston offers a unique insight into what is required to not only make it but make it as cost and time efficiently as possible.

A part of the resources Palmerston offers its investee clients is access to specialist service providers such as national law firms, patent attorneys and capital providers that are often otherwise unavailable to developing businesses through a lack of prior relationship. This network also extends to those well versed in the drafting of government grants and the machinations involved in ensuring those grant applications succeed.

Over the past six years, the Palmerston team has helped raise nearly $30 million in capital, grant and loans for client companies, overseen the creation of significant enterprise value and employment. Financial resources raised for clients cover seed through to expansion capital. Client specialties range from biotechnology and medical science to information technology and new newspapers. Palmerston is now also developing a portfolio of ventures involved with sustainability.

As well as providing general management consulting services, Palmerston has also helped form several high profile boards of international quality, recruit key staff and taken an active part in client company negotiations and other management activities.

Services provided by Palmerston in the development of early stage technology ventures include:

  • Strategic Advice
  • Market positioning
  • Capital Raising
  • Management Level Activities
  • Board Formation
  • Research and Investigation
  • Investor Services

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